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Mastering Silhouette v6

Mastering Silhouette v6

Silhouette V6 steps far beyond rotoscoping as a fully featured compositing system. This training course aims to get you working fast with the new node-based system, in a way that builds your skills and confidence with the expanded toolset. Includes eight hours of quality video training in pinsharp 1080P HD.

The eight hour course is structured so that core ideas are introduced early, in a straightforward way, then built upon to show more in-depth and specialized tasks. Tasks are practical jobs and course footage is provided for you to follow along at your own pace. Modules include User Interface & Workflow, Rotoscoping, Tracking, Keying, Paint, Depth, Warping & Morphing, Stereo and Compositing.

Note: Although there are some changes, the Silhouette v6 courseware is still useful for Silhouette v7. If you purchase the Mastering Silhouette v6 course now, you will receive the Mastering Silhouette v7 course at no charge once it is becomes available in a few weeks.

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