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Silhouette v7 Upgrade

Silhouette v7 Upgrade

Upgrade to Silhouette v7 (nodelocked or floating).

As a fully featured GPU accelerated compositing system, Silhouette's standout features are award winning rotoscoping and non-destructive paint as well as keying, matting, warping, morphing, and a total of 142 different nodes--all stereo enabled.


1) You must currently own a license of Silhouette to qualify for this upgrade.

2) mocha is an optional feature in Silhouette v7. To purchase the mocha option, select an upgrade option that includes mocha.

3) Upgrades require the floating license server Host ID or nodelocked Product Code from the currently installed Silhouette software.

4) Nodelocked licenses can be transferred between machines using a deactivation/activation process.

5) Nodelocked licenses require an internet connection once every 60 days.

To obtain your Host ID or Product Code, please do one of the following:

Nodelocked Upgrade
- Supply the product code from your order email

FLoating License Upgrade
- Please run the rlmhostid -ether command on the current license server

SKU sfx7u-v6
Price: $595.00
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Operating System
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