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mocha Option - Floating License

mocha Option - Floating License

mocha is the Academy Award winning "Planar Tracking" technology developed by Imagineer Systems. As an add-on option, mocha requires a Silhouette v6 license to run.

Floating licenses give you the flexibility to run Silhouette on any supported machine connected to your LAN within your facility, limited of course by the amount of licenses that you own.


- The installation and maintenance of the floating license software requires proficient use of the terminal and ascii editing programs.

- The floating license server may not be installed on a laptop.

- The license server may not reside in a virtual machine unless you have purchased a Silhouette Floating License Server Dongle. The Silhouette Floating License Server Dongle only works on Windows and Linux.

For an existing customer to purchase the mocha option, we require the Host ID from the Silhouette floating license server. Please run the rlmhostid -ether command on the current license server.

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