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Note: The Installers above include the Silhouette standalone and the Import/Export Plug-in for Adobe After Effects.

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Release History

Version 6.1.14 RELEASED 7/20/2018


Allow Backups To Be Stored In A Global Location
A global location for project backups can be specified with the SFX_BACKUP_DIR environment variable. This is similar to SFX_AUTOSAVE_DIR, and allows backup files to be stored outside of the project bundle.

Import SXR as Multi-View Stereo Images
SXR files are now imported with stereo L/R already hooked up.

Morph > Use Input Alpha
Added a Use Input Alpha option that ignores the transparency value and just warps the input alpha.

Paint > Duplicate L>R and R>L
You can now duplicate the selected paint strokes L>R or R>L, instead of the previous behavior of duplicating all strokes.

Scripting > Viewer Proxy Mode
Added an attribute for viewer proxy mode.


Camera Shake
Camera Shake was not working at some speed settings.

Color Node and Resize Crash
Connecting a Resize node to a Color node and then adjusting the Resize node caused a crash.

Color To Alpha Node Missing on Linux
The Color to Alpha node was missing on Linux which could cause Silhouette to crash when accessing the Composite tab.

Depth - Render
A recent update prevented the depth channel from rendering.

Depth - View Depth at Proxy Resolutions
In the Depth node, the depth map did not display correctly at proxy resolutions.

Nuke Exporter Problem - Open Shapes
B-Spline and X-Spline open shapes in a sub layer would export without animation.

Nuke Tracker Import More Robust
Nuke tracker import is more robust and handles different Nuke tracker versions.

Paint > Clone Could Randomly Stop Working - Linux
On Linux only, a compiler optimizer bug could cause Clone filtering to short circuit and it would manifest in Clone not working or a rebuild of Clone strokes wouldn't work randomly.

Resize Crash
Resize could crash in certain situations.

Roto - Shape > Color > Fill Opacity > Brightness Difference
With Color > Fill Opacity enabled at an opacity less than 100%, enabling motion blur changed the brightness of the fill.

Roto - Shape > Color > Fill Opacity > Motion Blur and Black Edges
If Color > Fill Opacity was enabled on a shape with motion blur, there was a black border.

Roto - Outline Rendering Artifacts
If an outlined shape with round caps had end-points near each other, it could generate artifacts and slow down.

Roto Blend - Keyframes Not Visible in Timeline
Shape keyframes were not displayed in the Timeline when using the Roto Blend node.

Roto Blend - No Input
Roto Blend now renders even without a source attached.

Shake SSF Export Crash
Exporting Shake SSF shapes caused a crash.

Tracker - Import
Silhouette could not import a Nuke tracker that it exported.

Tracker - Export - Linux
Exporting a tracker on Linux did not automatically append the filename extension.

Trees Window > Toggle Enable State Tool Tip Wrong
The tool tip for Toggle Enable State in the Trees window was E instead of d.

X-Spline Feather
In some cases, X-Spline shape points could not be feathered.

Version 6.1.13 RELEASED 6/6/2018


Tree Window Shortcuts
The Trees window had hard coded E (Extract Nodes) and D (Disable/Enable Nodes) keyboard shortcuts. These shortcuts have been added to the file so they can be easily changed.
The new binds are at the end of the file:
fx.trees.bind("e", "ExtractNodes")
fx.trees.bind("d", "ToggleNodeEnable")


Round Open Shape Caps Problem
Round open shape caps had rendering artifacts on the last point.

Duplicating Shapes Set The Wrong Eye
When using Edit > Duplicate, Silhouette always set the copied view to the current view, rather than using the original object's view.

Command-line Render Range And Render Actions
The Command-line render range did not work with render actions.

Paint > Blur Brush Broken in 32-bit
Using the Blur brush in 32 bit projects caused corruption.

Paint Without Input Crash
Painting a stroke in an unconnected Paint node while viewing a different node would cause a crash. Attempting to clone from a clone source onto an unconnected foreground would also cause a crash.

Rendering to Chinese Paths
Silhouette could not render to Chinese paths. The render script failed when trying to print status for paths with non-ASCII characters.

Save As Switched The Active Session
Using Save As when there were multiple sessions would set the wrong session after the save completed.

SGI Alpha Render Flipped
SGI Alpha only renders were flipped.

Tracker Importers Fail
Attempting to import a tracker failed unless it was an AE tracker.

Transform > Mode
The Transform node’s Mode pop-up menu was mistakenly removed in the last point release.

Version 6.1.12 RELEASED 4/26/2018


Depth Node
Antialiasing and Render to Alpha controls were added to the Depth node.

Depth > Antialiasing
Controls whether depth shapes are antialiased on their edges.

Depth > Render to Alpha
Renders the depth channel to the alpha channel.

Respect Frame Step
The Player now respects Frame Step for scrubbing and tracking. In addition, the Cache > Preload Frames preference respects Frame Step as well.


Transform > Filtering
The filtering in the Transform tool has been improved.


Drag Brush Artifacts
The Drag brush left artifacts and behaved strangely with HDR images.

DOD Is Computed Wrong When Proxy Mode Not 1:1
When using a proxy in conjunction with ROI, the image DOD was computed incorrectly causing position issues.

Keyer Handled ROI Wrong
The Transform DOD was being taken into account when viewing the individual or combined mattes. This would cause the rendered result rectangle to not always match the ROI.

Image Caching Problem When DOD Did Not Match Session
If an image is being centered with respect to the session, for example it's DOD does not match the session, then it can't be retrieved from the cache. So, changing the ROI will now reload the image in this situation.

Version 6.1.11 RELEASED 4/02/2018


Command-Line ProgressHandler Broken (Windows)
The command-line progress handler would bail out too early on Windows.

Image Cache Could Crash Randomly (Windows)
On Windows, lookups in the image cache could crash randomly.

Paint Overlay Off By A Fraction
The Paint Clone overlay, in mix mode, was off by a fraction and was especially noticeable at high zoom values.

The SFX_FORMATS_PATH environment variable was not being used.

Timeline Crash With No Session
Moving the cursor into the Timeline header would crash if there was no session.


Bezier Behavior
Creating Beziers now have a new behavior. When clicking to add a new point, it will automatically set up the tangents to be linear, pointing in the direction of the last point. You can still hold and DRAG to drag out the tangents you want, but if you leave them they will stay at 10% of the distance to the previous point. If the previous point is also a cusp, it will update the outgoing tangent of that one as well. This change has two advantages: 1) it shows you some useful default tangents and encourages you to pull them where you want them if you need to and 2) it always sets the last control point to have a useful tangent, which avoids corruption for open shapes at the end (in both Silhouette and Nuke).

Duplicate Behavior
Duplicate currently acts like a copy/paste, so it puts the copies into the active layer if there is one. This is non-intuitive if the copied object is the active layer itself. Instead, the duplicated objects are now pasted immediately above the top-most selected item. This way, when duplicating a single object, the duplicate appears directly above the original, at the same grouping level.

Version 6.1.10 RELEASED 3/14/2018


Alpha to Color
Composites each of the RGB channels together and places the result in the alpha. This is useful for working with shapes assigned to different RGB channels in Roto. Connect the Roto > Channels output to the Color to Alpha node and RGB mattes with corresponding alpha are created.

Display ROI Outline Viewer Preference
The Viewer > Display ROI Outline preference turns the ROI outline on and off.

Node.getDOD() Scripting Function
Added node.getDOD(port, frame) method.

Scripting Tweaks For Property
It was not possible to compare two properties to see if they were the same. In addition, it was not possible to get a property's parent object, to determine which node, session, source, etc the property is in. Added Property.parent attribute. Added rich comparison to Property, Object, and Raster.

Show What’s New on Startup
On startup, if this is the first time launching a new version of Silhouette, it will open the What's New. It will only do this once. This behavior is controlled by the User Interface > Show What’s New After Installing A New Version preference.

Source Auto Selected After Importing
The source is now automatically selected after importing so you can then immediately press Ctrl-N(Win/Linux)-Cmd-N(Mac) to create a new session.

Bug Fixes

Applying Point Trackers From Within Nested Layers
Applying point trackers from within nested layers did not work.

Object List Drag Crash
In the Object List, dragging a selected layer that had selected child objects would cause a crash. Now, it'll treat any selected child of a layer being moved as unselected, since they will be moved along with their parent anyway.

Open Spline Conversion to Bezier Problem
Some open splines would display corruption at the end points. Sometimes invisible within Silhouette, the exported shapes would display problems in Nuke.

Paint > Clone > Align Mode Update Problem
When there was a Clone offset, clicking on the Align button caused the Viewer to show only the unaligned offset. Moving the cursor back into the Viewer would then update the proper offset.

Paint Only Output Bug
The Paint Only output would not calculate its DOD properly in some cases.

Paint Only Stereo View Problem
When using the Paint node’s Paint Only output, you could not view both the left and right views in the Output node.

Painting in Stereo and Alpha
When painting in stereo, the right stroke’s alpha was not being stored.

Stereo Align Broken with ROI
Stereo Align did not work when using a ROI.

Version 6.1.9 RELEASED 2/19/2018


Can't Bind A Key To Ctrl+Alt+N
User keybinds can now override any stock menu/action bind, such as Ctrl+Alt+N, Ctrl+N, etc.

Negative Scaling - Layers
To easily flip or flop the orientation of a Layer, negative scale can now be used.

NVIDIA 3D Vision Glasses Support
NVIDIA 3D Vision glasses are now supported in the 3D Preview window. This is enabled using the Stereo > Enable NVIDIA 3D Vision Preview Support preference.

Planar/mocha Tracker Message
If a layer containing a shape is not selected when attempting to use the Planar or mocha trackers, the following message is displayed: An active layer containing one or more shapes is required for tracking.

Rebuilding Paint That Used Multiple Trackers
Previously, Clone Brush paint strokes only used a single, selected layer when performing an Auto Paint > Rebuild. Now, the layer transform is stored in the paint history. This allows a Rebuild to work as expected when multiple layers were used to transform the Clone Brush paint strokes.

ROI Memory Enhancement
ROI now crops the source image on load resulting in significant memory savings.

Scripting - Store Project Properties
You can now store Project Properties in the project.


Composite > Matte Input
The Composite > Matte input only worked with Alpha.

E Shortcut key in Paint > Clone Brush
The E Shortcut key in the Paint > Clone Brush did not work if there was a selected node in the Trees window.

Paint > Incremental Offset Preference Jumping
With the Paint > Incremental Offset preference set, it could jump when setting the Clone offset.

Roto > Composite Color Preference Did Not Update
The Roto > Composite Color preference did not update when changed.

Scripting: Recti Bugs
Recti.empty was reversed. Recti.left, top, right, and bottom were misreported.

Version 6.1.8 RELEASED 12/11/2017


Backtick Key (`) In Trees Window
The Backtick key (`) pops up a node context menu in the Trees window where nodes can be added.


Command-Line Crash
The Command-Line renderer crashed after the first frame when using source images containing certain meta-data.

Command-Line Render Message
The Command-Line renderer always printed out the following when rendering: Node not found OutputMultiPartNode.

mocha OFX Displayed Only 1 Frame
When the OFX version of mocha was applied, a single frame was displayed in the Viewer instead of the sequence.

Paint Crash After Resizing Session
If there were existing paint strokes and the Session Size was changed, a crash would occur when a new paint stroke was painted.

Output Start Frame Was Always Session Start Frame
When using either a custom or work range in the Render Options window, the rendered frames always started at the Session Start Frame and not the new Output Start Frame.

Resizing Stabilized Shape With Tablet Jitters - Mac
On Mac systems, resizing stabilized shapes with a pen/tablet would jitter.

Stabilize and Shape Bounding Box Points Appearance
The shape bounding box points nested within layers with extreme transforms appeared skewed when Viewer > Stabilize was enabled.


Cursor Not Disappearing When Painting
The cursor does not disappear in the Viewer while painting when using a tablet.

Cursor Not Updating
The cursor doesn’t change when transitioning between some views.

Version 6.1.7 RELEASED 11/15/2017


Avoid Duplicate Names in Exported Nuke Shapes
Nuke can’t handle shapes and layers with the same name, so the exporter now generates unique names if necessary.

Splash Screen on Startup
Enabled splash screen during startup.


Bezier Spline Conversion - Size Differences
There was a size difference when converting open B-Spline or X-Splines to Bezier shapes.

Tree View Crash
Under certain circumstances, clicking in the Trees window would cause a crash.

X-Spline Open Shape End Point Artifact
End points of some open X-Splines could have an artifact on the shape’s end point.

Zoom and Pan Problem
If the zoom pop-up menu was set to 200% or 300% in the Viewer and then the Space-Bar was used to pan, the image in the Viewer snapped to 100% zoom.

Version 6.1.6 Released 11/10/2017


Nuke 9+ Shapes Export Issue
In some cases, X-Spline and Bezier shapes exported to Nuke with feathers when there wasn’t any.

Version 6.1.5 RELEASED 11/07/2017


Move Keyframes Beyond Session Start and End Frame
Keyframes can now be moved beyond the Session’s start and end frame. This is useful to create shape motion blur on the first or the last frame of the Session. Note: it is necessary to enable Show Work Range in the Timeline’s context menu to move keyframes outside the Session time range.

Timeline > Show Work Range
The Timeline has a new context menu option called Show Work Range. When enabled, the Timeline displays the start and end frames of the Work Range instead of the Session time range.


Single-click Select Nodes
Instead of double-clicking, single-clicking the center of a node will now simultaneously view and edit a node.


Depth Preview Problems

Drag and Drop In Object List - Mac
In some cases, there were drag and drop issues in the Object List on the Mac.

Open B-Spline End Point Feather Handle
The end point feather handles of an open B-Spline shape were not perpendicular to the curve path.

Undo Issues When Using Pen/Tablet
Undo would stop working under certain circumstances when using a Pen/Tablet in the Trees window.

Version 6.1.4 RELEASED 10/16/2017


Output Multi-Part Node - More Inputs
The Output Multi-Part node can now have multiple additional inputs. Right-click on the Output Multi-Part node and select Add Input. Right-click on an input port to remove it. You can add as many inputs as you want, but the inputs will get smaller.


Command-Line Renderer Gets The Range Wrong
The Command-Line renderer would get the range wrong if the -start option was used.

Crash in Trees Window
There was a crash when opening the node list context menu after deleting a node.

Depth > Blur and Wrap Artifact
When adjusting a shape’s Blur or Wrap in the Depth node, there was a box artifact.

Open B-Spline With Feather Crashed in Nuke 11
Open B-Splines with feathering caused a crash in Nuke 11 when imported.

Save Project Via Scripting
You can now save a project via scripting as Save As without replacing the current project. Added a new method, project.copy(path), which just copies the project to the new path, and leaves the existing one alone.

Tablet Support In Trees Window
Added status bar tips for hovering over ports and edges in the Trees view when using a pen and tablet to work around a bug in Qt regarding tablet events not triggering tool tips.

Version 6.1.3 RELEASED 9/25/2017


Command Line > -open_project
Added the -open_project command-line switch to open the project browser on launch.

RE:Vision Effects OFX Support
Silhouette v6.1.3 now supports the current OFX versions of all RE:Vision Effects products.

Scripting Additions


OFX: Display OFX Parameter Names That End In . Properly
An empty label was displayed if an OFX property name ended with a period.

OFX: Pixel Scale Property Was Reversed
The OFX pixel scale property was inverted, causing on-screen controls for some OFX plug-ins to be rendered the wrong size.

OFX: Support OFX Slider Display Min/Max & Valid Min/Max
We now support OFX plug-ins that have a valid range and a display range for sliders.

Paint > Clone Brush Tablet Problem - Linux
There was a bug on Linux where the clone offset could not be set with the tablet.

Version 6.1.2 (Linux Only) RELEASED 7/28/2017


Tablet Editing Problems - Linux
With certain tablets, shape points could not be edited.

Version 6.1.1 RELEASED 7/21/2017


GPU Fix For Older GPUS
Added support for older graphics cards.


File Path Change Not Detected
Changing a file path required a restart of Silhouette.

Light Wrap Crashed When There Was No BG Input
Light Wrap crashed when there was no background input.

Nuke 9+ Exporter Problem
Exporting shapes to Nuke would fail in certain cases with multiple nested layers.

Version 6.1 RELEASED 7/11/2017


Auto Paint > Paint History Custom In/Out Enhancement
To provide a faster way to set custom in/out points in the Auto Paint > Paint History, arrows were added to each numeric field which enter the currently parked frame when clicked.

Copy Alpha to RGBA Shape Preference
A Copy Alpha to RGBA shape preference was added.

MultiFrame Range Improvement
When using MultiFrame and adjusting which keyframes were affected, there was no feedback to show if you were just tweaking the in/out point or sliding the whole range. Now, the MultiFrame range is displayed in the status bar while it is being edited.

Nuke 9+ Shape Exporter Enhancements
There are a number of enhancements to the Nuke exporter for proper rendering of shapes, feathers and mocha perspective transformations in addition to increased accuracy. Also, Alpha values can be repeated in the RGB channels as an export option.

Read formats.xml From Outside Of Resources
A SFX_FORMATS_PATH environment variable was added which can be the complete path to an xml file containing the desired formats.


Create And Select A New Project Via Scripting
Added a way to create a new project with a complete bundle name and then have the UI select it.

object_renamed hook
For when objects get renamed, added object_renamed hook and the callback gets the object.

Shape Import Using Python
Shapes can now be imported using Python.

Timeline Frame Range
The Timeline now always shows the full session range with the work range displayed using a gray bar at the top of the Timeline.

Timeline Markers
The Timeline context menu now has a Marker option which allows for the creation, editing or deletion of markers. Timeline Markers are a handy way of placing notes at specific points in time. Markers are displayed as light blue squares at the top of the Timeline.
When you right-click in the Timeline and select Marker > Create/Edit, a dialog box opens where you can enter, change, or clear text. When you enter text and click OK, a marker is displayed.

Visual Warning for Paint > Clone > Grade/Filter Controls
The Paint > Clone > Grade and Filter controls are hidden in tabs so we have added a visual indicator in the tab if the controls have been modified.


Clone Reset Behavior
Previously, Clone Reset only reset the Transform controls. Now, all clone parameters, including Grade and Filter parameters are reset.

Composite Resolution
Previously, the DOD (Domain of Definition) was determined by the background clip of a composite. Now, the union of the foreground and background determines the DOD.

Point Tracker > Smooth Behavior
In the Point Tracker, the Smooth option will no longer be available if there are no visible selected trackers. Smoothing will only smooth visible trackers.

Point Trackers Within Layers
Silhouette now allows Point Trackers to be added and tracked within layers.


Alpha Overlay Was Affected By OCIO Viewer Controls
Alpha and color overlay are no longer affected by the viewer OCIO controls.

Cache Display Not Working - Windows
The Cache Display would not work on Windows in certain situations.

Import Footage With No Project Crash
When there was no project, it was possible to double-click in the Sources window to import footage which caused a crash.

Missing Frames - Macintosh
In some cases, frames would display as black after opening a project.

Nuke Tracker Importer Problem
mocha tracks pasted into the Nuke tracker did not import into Silhouette.

Panning and Beeping
Holding the Space key and panning could cause beeps to occur during autorepeat.

Session > New Session Crash
When there was no project, it was possible to select Session > New Session which caused a crash.

Tablet Problems - Macintosh
Some Mac users were experiencing strange tablet behavior in the Roto node.

Text Box Focus Behavior
If the cursor was in a text field and the cursor was moved into any major view, it would steal the focus. You know have to press the Tab key to leave the focus of a text field.

Timeline Keyframe Paste Problem
Pasting keyframes from two shapes did not paste the proper keyframes into the first shape.

Timeline Not Displaying Tracks At Startup
In some instances, the Timeline did not display tracks at startup.

zMatte Crops Output When Deartifact Was Enabled
zMatte’s Composite output was cropped to the foreground when Deartifact was enabled.

Version 6.0.33 RELEASED 5/10/2017


EXR Multi-View
If the EXR output extension is sxr, the EXR module will write out a multi-view file. Otherwise, it writes a multi-part file. Note: This will only work if there are only left and right views.

Silhouette now supports RE:Vision Effects Twixtor and ReelSmart Motion Blur OFX plug-ins.

Roto Node > Color Comp View Mode
A Color Comp view mode has been added to the Roto node. The shortcut key is 4.

Save Paint History With Auto-Saves
The Paint history is now saved along with the auto-saves. A rotating list of backup paint histories are stored in the respective paint data directory so you can choose the one you want.

View Paint (Shift-0)
When View > Paint is selected in the Paint node, Shift-0 displays paint strokes over black.


Linux - Python 2.7
Silhouette v6 requires Python 2.7 with UCS4 support. If you are running an older distribution, we have packaged Python 2.7 as a convenience. To enable the internal Python (i.e. if you don’t already have Python 2.7), uncomment the PYTHONHOME line in the script.


DVE Crash
The Transform node could crash in when used in conjunction with certain nodes.

EXR Compression Parameter Display Problem
When you added an Output node, the custom module parameters were not created until you actually selected the module from the list again.

Paint and Match Node Crash
Silhouette would crash if a Match node was used before the Paint node.

Pasted Nodes Did Not Get A New Label
Pasted nodes had the same name as the original. They are now incremented by 1.

Render - Output Directory Variables
Variables were not expanded in the path portion of the output path. For example, an output path of "$(HOME)/output" was not properly expanded with the HOME variable replacement.

Scripting > Cloning a Project Returned The Wrong Type
Cloning a project via scripting returned an Image object instead of a Project object.

Scripting > Object_Created Did Not Get Proper Type
In the object_created hook, the created object had the base Object type but not the subclass type.

Scripting > User-Defined Properties Should Remember Their Positions
If user-defined properties were inserted between default properties, they loaded back in at the end.

Version 6.0.28 RELEASED 3/07/2017


Nuke 10 Tracker Import
Nuke 10 trackers will now import into Silhouette. In addition, trackers with a start frame other than 1 will now import into Silhouette as long as the Silhouette start frame matches the Nuke start frame.

Temporary Paint File
We create a temporary paint file called sfxpaint.dat used for undo events. The file is only deleted when Silhouette is closed and could get quite large. In addition to deleting the temporary paint file when Silhouette is closed, it is also now deleted when the project is switched.

Output Multi-Part Node Missing on Windows
A recent update mistakenly removed the Output Multi-Part node on the Windows version.

Version 6.0.27 RELEASED 2/17/2017


Renders 1 Frame Short
A recent update caused the last frame of a sequence to not be rendered. This also affected rendering the current frame.

Version 6.0.26 RELEASED 2/15/2017


Scriptable Custom Button Property
A custom button property can now be added with a script callback function.


Scripting -> Attribute Is Now A Normal Python dictionary
Any scripts that iterated over object properties should be updated.


Holdout Composite Crash
Holdout Composite would crash if only one input was connected.

Linux Node Crashes
A compiler error in a recent Linux update caused crashes with the following nodes: Bump Distort, Chromatic Aberration, Keystone, Lens Distortion, Morph. Roto Blend, Scatter and Turb Distort.

Scripting > Added Proper Indentation in Code Editor
Tab and Shift-Tab now properly indent (and un-indent) blocks of code.

Scripting > Adding An Empty Group Property To A Node Caused A Crash
When adding a custom group property with no children to a node, the property view crashed.

Scripting > Did Not Act Like A Real Dictionary
We originally created are own dictionary interface to the internal prop-list, but instead rewrote it to use a normal Python Dict and now it behaves as expected.

Renderer Did Not Support A Specific Frame Set
The command-line renderer -range option did not work.

X-Ray Render Problem
The X-Ray node was not rendering correctly.

Version 6.0.25 RELEASED 1/24/2017


Linearize Images In Mocha Pro
If you are using rec709 8-bit images, enable the Mocha > Linearize Images In Mocha Pro preference and they will look correct in the Mocha user interface.


EXR Alpha Automatically Opaque
EXR files without an Alpha channel automatically had a an opaque Alpha channel once imported into Silhouette.

Render Options > Output Start Frame Not Obeyed
The Output Start Frame number was not obeyed in some cases.

Version 6.0.24 RELEASED 1/11/2017


Roto - Nuke 9+ Export Problem With Nested Transforms
In some cases, nested transforms were not being exported correctly to Nuke.

Version 6.0.23 RELEASED 1/10/2017


Roto > Input Alpha and Motion Blur Crash
Fixed an issue that caused sources with input alpha to crash when using Roto shapes with Motion Blur.

Version 6.0.22 RELEASED 1/09/2017


mocha Pro OFX v5.2.1 Plug-In Compatibility
Silhouette is now compatible with the mocha Pro OFX v5.2.1 plug-in.


Linux Centos 7 Error
On some Linux Centos 7 systems, Silhouette would fail to start with the following error: The application failed to start because it could not find or load the qt platform plugin xcb.

Roto - Copy/Paste Order Of Roto Objects Not As Expected
In certain projects, the order of pasted objects did not match the original selection.

Roto - Input Alpha Motion Blur Problem
The input alpha was not computed properly when Motion Blur was enabled and caused corruption.

Version 6.0.21 RELEASED 12/19/2016


User Interface > Trees > Connections Preference
A User > Interface > Trees > Connections preference with Curved and Straight options was added.


Output Start Frame Wrong in Render Window
A modified Output Start Frame in the Render window was off by one the next time you opened the Render window.

sfxcmd -info Crash
The sfxcmd -info command-line could crash when running scripts.

Undo Crash With Non-Keyframed Splines - Linux
Fixed a Linux compiler bug which would cause a crash when undoing a change to a non-keyframed spline.

Copy Node Naming Error
Copying nodes resulted in both nodes getting the same name.

Version 6.0.20 RELEASED 12/09/2016


Action > Time > Shift Source Time
A source sequence can be shifted in time by inputing both the source frame and the destination session frame. This automatically calculates and sets the Source node’s Time Shift parameter.

Render Only Alpha Parts to EXR
Silhouette now supports rendering alpha only multi-part files.


Add User-Defined Property Groups
Property groups previously could not be defined. A Property with no value is now a group. Info dictionary attributes are "expand" (True|False). To put a property into the group, prefix the property name with and dot. For example,


You can now control the order of Actions and Action menus. Action has a new "order" argument that can be set to an index. The default is -1, which means to use alphabetic order (the default). Actions can also be placed in the File and Edit menus by specifying the optional "root" argument with the string "File" or "Edit".


EXR Render Crash - EXR Parts With Same Name
SFX crashed when trying to render multiple EXR parts with the same name.

Mocha Floating License Not Returned Until Exit
Instead of checking in a mocha floating license when leaving the mocha tab, it was not returned until Silhouette was exited.

Roto Node > Blur Crash
Silhouette would crash when the Roto node's blur was adjusted.

Version 6.0 RELEASED 12/01/2016

See the What's New document for a complete list of features and changes.